Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fatigue and Opinions

When we were young and our hormones were out of balance in the opposite direction, being tired mattered very little. We still managed to express our lust for one another no matter the circumstance.

Now that we are older and the hormone imbalance seems to be at the other end of the scale, the desire may still be there, but ......... the flesh is weak without proper sleep. I suppose that this must be nature's way of keeping us alive. I wonder just how many have died due to that little blue pill pushing them to complete what the heart was too weak for?

I have always been told, "it's the thought that counts" when receiving a gift. That applies to sex in the sixties, too. Just my opinion.

I shared a political opinion earlier this week and an apology was demanded from the one I shared it with. Apology? For my opinion? I don't think so. This person demanding my apology feels very free to express his political beliefs to anyone who will listen (and some who just pretend to listen). My comment was in response to some bumper stickers he would be proud to display as a Republican. I found some of them to be racist and I said so. I expressed my opinion about the short-comings of his candidate and he wanted to know if I was "on something".

I am not a Stepford wife who would blindly follow her husband's choice in voting. I express myself well, I have a good command of the language, and I can even enunciate my words. This all happened in e-mail form. I did get the last word in. I might lose a customer. Am I upset about this?

I must be to some degree or I wouldn't be thinking and writing about it. My husband thinks I should have kept my mouth shut (or my fingers still) in the first place, and then when the apology was demanded, I should have apologized. Really, the man would seem to not know the woman he married. I would apologize if I had initiated the sharing of opinions, but I didn't. The world would be a dull place if every one thought the same thing ..........


  1. I don't mind talking about sex because it is Holy. But politics, I don't touch with 10 foot pole, one for the lack of interest--they are all crooks, and two because we have learned from the media that everything is absolute in this country and there are no shades of grey. Apologize to no one. I have a huge command of four lettered jargon that I can lend assistance (but somehow I detect plenty of capability in that area) and "get ----ed ---h---" comes to mind rather quickly. But that is no way to handle a political discourse. Anyhow some customers, you don't need and "get ----ed" just seems to be the rational response.

    The amazing thing I have learned about women is that they are usually more intelligent than I am and always more organized. Plus you ladies have that multi-tasking going. But with politics my opinion is cast not pearls before swine...

    Well the thing I have found with sex in the sixties (clever BTW) is that one paces them selves. Macro activities that require nimble cartilage and good cardiovascular function can be replaced with micro activities of high precision and phenomenal results. The goal is Nirvana, not Olympic athleticism or gyrations fitting the Cirque du Soleil. No need for anyone to die in the sack, just take it easy and enjoy...that wild stuff is for the young folks.

    I don't know anything about the blue pills, I figure as long as things function on their own don't mess with nature. If things don't work at one clock, take a nap until two. The damned drug industry forgets that we have livers, and I tend to not let them experiment with mine. But I figure a little natural function is far better than a lot of chemically enhanced function. What happens if you get dependent on that crap and then something else happens that won't allow you to take it any longer? Nah this stuff is too important to trust to Pfizer.

    My own belief is that quite often blue pills could be replaced with improved diet and exercise on the overall level, and practice, practice, practice on the specific level. For some reason, sex is the one thing in our lives that is supposed to work with no practice. Gold medals are not won with no practice, and practice makes perfect...and if it don't what the hell its still fun.

    Patience, understanding how things work, and getting rid of the fear are the biggest aids. Forget performance anxiety, that's for young guys. If things don't rise to the occasion, there are other ways to find Nirvana. To be honest, I don't much care about mine, putt, putt, putt, and your done, piddly little things that hardly raise one's blood pressure. But I take a huge vicarious pleasure in hers. They are these gigantic things. It is like conducting the final movement of Mahler's Second Symphony. Heaven and Earth move and I stand in awe. The methodology requires no blue pills.

    Well I have said far more than I should, but here is the thing...this stuff is great, it improves your health, mind, and spirit. It even improves your immune system, and you feel loved and needed by someone--and there is the beauty and Holiness of sex. What you can't do is approach it like you did in your 20s. Hey I look like what, turn out the damned lights. It still feels magnificent and it breaks my heart that people allow hangs ups about appearance and ability turn into dysfunctions that steal beauty, love, and years from their lives. We as a species spend far too much time on plumage, and too little time in the sack.

    You really do have a great blog here, keep the courage.

  2. I wish you would post more often. I love it!

    Yes, you were right to not apologize. No, your husband was wrong. You should keep your mouth working and your fingers moving.

    A friend came up with a great exclamation, and then was semi-aghast when everyone fell in love with it: Holy F--- Fish.

    Another one comes from a friend whose husband was in the navy. He brought home a bunch of doozies. This is one I liked the most: la-tee motherf---ing dah.

    Why do I think you might appreciate some new phrases to put in your toolbelt? I'm not sure. If you're offended, I apologize.

  3. Well my brother and I got into a political discussion over the phone the other night and we are both of differing persuasions, he was in a good mood cause he had plenty of work and sold a bunch of cars as a curbstoner and made money on those and he'd had a discussion with my mother who was of the opposite political pursuasion, basically I said the economy was not improved, everyday there are more and more foreclosures advertised in the newspaper, more and more businesses closing down, more buildings being boarded up, more folks losing their homes and jobs, there are no jobs for those over 55 and those getting jobs are hired at lower and lower wages, those with jobs have their hours and salaries cut, prices were high for food and utilities, folks were selling household goods just get money to buy food, more and more folks homeless, and that it didn't matter whether it whether it was a republican or democrat in office that they were so rich they couldn't relate and didn't care about the common man anyway, and I can't afford to have health insurance and he said I didn't plan for my retirement, at that point I hung up on him since he'd been yelling his opinions at me for who knows how long anyway and I couldn't get a word in edge wise. I'm not sure we'll ever speak again.

    The other day my husband said two men were in the grocery store arguing heatedly about the candidates and the clerk said if they didn't stop she'd ask them to leave and if they didn't she'd call the police. I think everyone thought they'd come to blows.

    I agree with sextant, they are all crooks, wish we had a common man in office, one whose worked as a laborer or store clerk and knows what it's like for the common man trying to survive nowadays. big business seems to be upheld and not the individual and pretty much everything said is a lie or a promise that will be broken.

    Now about those pills, we have a relative who worked as a lawyer for the big drug companies and his advice was don't take any pill unless you absolutely have to or you will die without it, except aspirin.

    I do think the political discussion should be left out of the equation most of the time. Besides it doesn't seem to matter much what "we the people" think anyway, they just do what they want or they don't do anything but party and fly here and there spouting off BS.

    Oh gee I just looked at the date of this post, well I might as well post this comment anyway since I spent the time typing it. Ha.

    No I wouldn't apologize but then again I might if it was a customer since money is so tight. I'd probably word it like we are of differing opinions and don't agree, but let's not let that come between us.